Beverage cooler

whats cooler than beeing cool?

A beverage cooler Project for the Brand Thermador

I Worked on this Bavarage cooler as part of my stay in the California Design Office in 2019

Top shelf: Wine presenter

bottom: flexibility

Designed in 2019 in California together with the local team


Since 2015 I´m mainly working on Dishwasher Innovations for the Brand Bosch. Here are some of the results from the past years:

I never imagined a dishwasher could be so interesting.

Everyone styling the next Audis and Porsches, but I fell in love with: Dishwashers 😉


while im on vaccation i like to take out my aquarelle utensils and take the time to capture the scene around me. Its similar to taking a picture but the scene is memorized in my brain much more intensivly since i have to look at my scene for half an hour or an hour.