Oven Knobs & Handle

Project for Thermador Ovens (US Market)

A quick two-week exploration. I’ve included it here because I liked the pace of the project and how quickly we arrived at our first prototypes through testing with people in the office as reference.

Classic design thinking approach:

  • Empathize: researched our users’ needs. With existingcustomer feedback on todays appliances.
  • Define: stated our users’ needs and problems: 1.size matters 2. haptics matter
  • Ideate: challenged assumptions and created ideas: see drafts below
  • Prototype: created solutions with simple modelmaking (given the timeframe of + – 2 weeks )
  • Test: trieed our solutions with people from the office.


The main focus was to combine the user’s need for knob precision, weight, and pleasant haptics. The rifling helped shape the main impression while also providing functionality and superb haptic feedback.

Final KNOB & Bar Handle

Explorations Handle: