Since 2015 I´m mainly working on Dishwasher Innovations for the Brand Bosch. Here are some of the results from the past years:

I never imagined a dishwasher could be so interesting.

Everyone styling the next Audis and Porsches, but I fell in love with: Dishwashers 😉

handling complexity.

There is a Dishwasher.

multiplied by the 3 buildtypes: fullyintegrated, integrated, solo. multiplied by 4 Value classes, multiplied by the special assortments, multiplied by the colour variations and finally the country specific printing.

Tabletop for China

A tabletop dishwasher is a compact appliance designed for small kitchens or limited spaces, offering convenience and efficiency in dishwashing. Unlike traditional dishwashers, it sits atop a countertop, saving valuable floor space. In the Chinese market, compactness, energy efficiency, and ease of use are key requirements, aligning with the growing trend towards smaller living spaces and eco-conscious consumption.